A statement from a meeting of the Mufti of the Islamic Community in BiH on the upcoming elections

Sarajevo, September 26, 2018 (MINA) – The Mufti of the Islamic Community in BiH, at a working meeting in Sarajevo on September 26, 2018, discussed, among other things, the current situation in society and in the context of the upcoming elections. At a meeting with Reis-l-Ulema Hussein ef. Kavazović and deputy reisu-l-ulema Hussein ef. Mufti’s Smajić analyzed the role of the Islamic community in the electoral process and the challenges that its imams, bearers of religious authority and members meet.

Particular concern is expressed by the fact that political parties from the region, some officials of neighboring states and their institutions, are involved in possible electoral scams.

In addition, the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina has the knowledge that in the smaller BiH entity it is organized in the votes of Bosniak returnees, and that this phenomenon is particularly pronounced in Srebrenica and other zones of committed genocide.

Therefore, the mufti appealed primarily to Muslims, but also to all citizens, not to be subjected to pressures and not to trade their rights and freedoms at the same time by inviting all domestic and international institutions involved in the conduct of elections to do everything that political corruption would not disguise the electoral process. Members of the Mufti Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina once again reminded the members of the Community of the great price of their freedom which they paid as a nation and as citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They emphasized that all the refugees and migrants we meet in these cities in our cities should remind us of what is happening to the nations that lose their freedom and an efficient state that can worry about them.

They especially condemned the hate speech against Islam and Muslims that could be heard even before the official start of the election campaign, as well as attempts to drag the Islamic community and its authorities into election campaigns.

The Islamic Community expects all political subjects to offer concrete solutions to numerous social, economic and life problems of citizens in their election campaigns and during the campaign.

Mufti once again urged all members and members of the Islamic Community to exercise their civil rights and to vote on their own conscience and Islamic morale. They specifically called Bosniaks from Bosnia and Herzegovina’s RS entity, if they did not vote by post, together with all other citizens on election day and voted in the places from which they were expelled.

The Mufti sent a message to the bearers of religious authority, above all the Imam, Hatibi and Muderis, not to succumb to political pressure, and to freely and dignistly continue their mission of encouraging good and deterrence from evil, clearly insisting on the promotion of universal Islamic values ​​and morals in our society.

They appealed that citizens, and above all members of the Islamic community, are not subject to populism and to choose those who favor the general good of personal interests. They urged the Muslims to give their voice to those for whom they are convinced that they will preserve the faith, the traditional values ​​of our nation and its state.

Mufti emphasized that Muslims can not choose those who are in politics solely for the sake of achieving their ambitions, which show fake care or behind other goals, as this is the closest way to removing our people from a real political scene.

It is necessary, the attitude is more of a mufti, to choose those who are worthy, responsible, ready for dialogue, credible and committed to helping and building, and not to destroying and confusing the conflict; those who will protect the life, wealth and honor of every human being; who will fight hatred and exclusion, and strive for truth and justice. Trust should be given to those who unambiguously strengthen the statehood of Bosnia and Herzegovina and who wish for every citizen of her country a good and equal right in every part of her territory.

Mufti invite all citizens regardless of their affiliation not to support those political options that sow discouragement and encourage divisions among people and nations. They have also threatened to block election results in the event that certain political options do not achieve their political goals. The state and the people must not be hostages of any political ambitions, and the mufti hope that the election results will be implemented without delay.

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