Dear brothers and sisters!

Being a member of the Islamic community should be the duty of all Muslims. By paying a membership fee to the Islamic Community, we show that we are Muslims, we tighten our ranks, prove our brotherhood, and help ourselves and others.
With your regular financial contributions – membership fees, we help the development of religious thought and choose our place in society, and enable us to achieve the following goals of the Islamic Community:

The gathering of the Bosniak people, in order to preserve their faith, culture, history and tradition
Maintaining religious teaching and religious activities.
By studying Islam and by enhancing the religious – cultural, educational life of its members.
Organizing publishing activities and organizing various forms of festivities on the Islamic occasions: Ramadan, Eid, Mubarak nights and other selected days.
Establishment, acquisition, maintenance and protection of property of the Islamic community.

By paying a membership fee, we get the ability to make arrangements for weddings, tavhids, mavludes, janases, and we help those who are in need.

The membership fee for one year is $240 (USD) for one family, and $120 (dollars) for a family social welfare i.e financially disadvantaged family.

You can pay the membership fee to our mosque in person by cash or send a check to the following address:

Bosnian Islamic Center of Saint Louis
318 Lemay Ferry Rd
St. Louis, MO 63125
United States of America

Please print and fill out the following form or pick one up at out office.