What is zakat?

The word zakat is an Arabic word that signifies cleansing, growth, advancement. Zakat, as one of the five pillars of Islam, is the obligation which differentiates us as Muslims, signifies the cleansing of the impurity of the possessions we own and promotes its growth, progress and enlargement.

To neglect the zakat, as a strict religious obligation, means leaving the faith, and not giving the zakat by the person who is obligated to give it, constitutes a great sin which implies punishment in dunya (this world) and in akhirah (after life) and distances us from the grace of Allah SWT.

Obligatory Requirements for giving Zakat
  • Being a Muslim;
  • Full ownership of assets/possessions which is eligible for the zakat;
  • Possesses good mental health and freedom;
  • Ownership of possessions in the amount of nisab or more;
How to calculate the zakat amount?

Calculation of zakat is carried out according to precisely defined rules, prescribed separately for each of the several types of possessions subject to the provision of zakat. You can calculate the zekat in one of several ways:

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