Bosnian Cultural Center – Avlija

Preserving Bosnian culture and history!
Our culture is reflected in our behavior, belief systems, principles and the way we live. We must preserve it in future generations. Our culture and language cannot become extinct. We are on the verge of building a multimillion cultural center “Avlija”. The center will have a gymnasium, a museum depicting the Bosnian genocide, and classrooms where children can study the religion and the Bosnian language.

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Keep the Bosnian language above all – live for it, die for it

Our language is our moral duty and we do not need particular effort to explain the notion: Bosnian. Bosnian language did not originate in the Serbian or in the Croatian language, it is not their derivative, but one of the objective comparisons. The Bosnian language had its own course until the beginning of the 20th century, when political circumstances changed its public status.

Why is it necessary for our children to know the Bosnian language?

Because people without language have nothing to remember and there is nowhere to go to in the future. And without that, our children’s memory will not be complete. We must change the awareness of our language, because it is our treasure number one. Only with the knowledge of the Bosnian language will our children be able to strengthen our Bosniak nationality and promote the best values ​​of our Bosnia and Herzegovina in the American cultural mosaic.

Bosnian is a unique language

The Bosnian spirit or idea of ​​Bosnia is that immaterial creative principle born at the magnificent crossroads of civilizations, which is so beautifully called Bosnia, which enables the development and expression of the relation of man towards the totality of reality and towards himself. It is an essential creative principle and its closest location is a human language as a means of expression and as an indispensable place for the preservation of meaningful content and relations. Therefore, the Bosnian spirit or the idea of ​​Bosnia is above all a Bosnian language. Bosnian is one and only language, and as far as it is known, it has the smallest possible difference between regional speeches in the area of ​​its own expansion and the greatest possible closeness between ordinary speech and what is considered a language of culture or literature. In this sense, the Bosnian spirit and the idea of ​​Bosnia can be described as an extremely homogeneous phenomenon best expressed in and with the Bosnian language. Today, some try to destroy and destroy their primordial right in every way only because the ideas of Bosnia and the Bosnian spirit formed in the Bosnian language are indelibly realized through: the spirit of openness, the spirit of tolerance, the spirit of conservation and co-operation, the spirit of naivety, the spirit of relaxation.